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Customised products for a wide range of technologies, frequency bands and frequency combinations. Often the frequency allocations can be such so that the filtering or RF conditioning becomes extremely challenging.
A repeater provides coverage extension into the tunnel without the need for any modifications to the existing system. Signals from the existing service are taken ‘off air’ using a repeater connected to an antenna outside the tunnel. The repeater amplifies the off air signal to a level suitable for retransmission through the tunnel using either directional antennas, or a suitable radiating cable. For longer road tunnels, we offer a reliable solution with fibre fed repeaters designed specifically with tunnel coverage in mind. The repeaters are connected to the base stations or off-air repeaters via an optical master unit which converts the RF signal from the base station to an optical signal which is then transmitted to the repeater via a fibre-optic cable.
Fibre fed repeater systems are typically used in large confined areas such as tunnels, metros and industrial complexes. The central piece of equipment in these types of systems is the optical that distributes signals to one or several repeaters also referred to as remote units. This unit has been designed with a high degree of modularity, resulting in easy commissioning and maintenance of the complete system. The modular design also means that it is easy to expand the system to encompass a larger number of remote units. All the modules can be reached from the front panel which further simplifies maintenance in the field.
A compact repeater provides instant in-building coverage and is easily installed and commissioned in any medium sized building such as in a police or fire brigade station, a garage or an office building. An outside donor antenna picks up the signal, whilst the indoor server antenna provides the coverage inside the building. The unit provides relatively high output power and amplifies the signals. The composite output power enables this compact unit of just four kilos to generate enough power to cover a multi-storey building. One server antenna is deployed for each floor of the building. Coaxial cable is used in between the repeater and each of the antennas (indoor or outdoor).
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