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The network architecture of the TETRA radio network is based upon multi-IP@node configurations interconnected to a Wide Area Network using IP standard protocols.
The multi IP@node configuration provides the most efficient architecture in terms of performances, robustness against multiple failures on the transmission network, easy integration within an existing IT network and capability to interface external software applications to the radio network, quality of service and availability of the radio network required for professional mobile radio users.
IP@node manages a radio sub network as if it is an independent radio network with the capability to be interconnected to another IP@node for permitting inter-networks communications. Each sub network can be configured to operate as a local radio network and all traffic is managed through the local IP@node.
This architecture optimizes the dataflow required for local communication area and improves inter-networking communications between IP@nodes. This configuration also authorises the usage of several radio sub networks dedicated to specific organization and upon demand organization can share a part or their overall network.
Any resident mobile is programmed with static groups. It may also be included in dynamic groups declared on infrastructure and downloaded. This allows the group to change without laboratory return. Groups are of the utmost importance for professional networks. A lot of functions are available.
Operator’s consoles like dispatcher, NMT or AVL can operate directly through the existing Local Area Network and communicate with IP@nodes (dual redundancy capability) and PABX/PSTN gateways connected to telephone lines. The main interface with external IP backbone is based upon a router device.
Several speech services are available: mobile to mobile call, dispatcher to dispatcher, mobile to dispatcher, mobile to dispatching (dispatcher group), telephone to mobile call and vice versa, besides call back requests, emergency call, etc.
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