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The DMR standard allows for two channels of independent and contemporary on a single radio channel 12.5KHz bandwidth and using a single radio head. Maintaining the frequency of concessions and originating in the same sites via the DMR can double the traffic and have a multitude of messaging services efficient for the government fleet radio. DMR transceivers are often designed with bi-standard, able to work both in analog mode and in digital mode, thus supporting both classic PMR terminals and DMR, with all operational characteristics of each technology capabilities.
Functionality in dual mode: the network can automatically discriminate, manage and process both digital and analog signals on the same channel.
Excellent communication quality: the structure of all-digital station, synchronizing them to a single synchronous network ensures precise control of signal distribution maximizing the quality of synchronous.
TCP-IP connections using low cost between the stations: the new digital technology and auto adaptive interface was designed to seamless with structures TCP-IP transport.
Encryption of communications: transmissions can be encrypted with multiple layers of encryption to ensure the privacy you want.
The reliability is guaranteed by the robustness of the transmission protocol that provides a series of correcting codes, algorithms and techniques for the maximum guaranteed delivery of data without errors.
Modular technology enables to introduce continuous technological innovations while preserving the initial investments.
Dynamic fleet management: users can be addressed individually or in groups according to disparate operational needs.
Roaming hand-over and automatic mobile units to ensure the total travel opportunities in the maintaining operational continuity of communications.
Direct mode, for calls within walking distance or outside network coverage, the terminal equipment can communicate via a dedicated radio channel.
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