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Designed principally for life critical installations in the Oil and Gas market, it is also suitable for many industrial communications requirements.
The equipment is specifically and fundamentally designed as failsafe, with extensive system and fault status monitoring for maximum availability at all times.
In addition to General Paging and Emergency Broadcasts, Alarms can be automatically initiated, e.g. from Fire and Gas Alarm and Emergency Shut Down Systems. Alarm tones or pre-recorded digital voice evacuation messages can be broadcast.
This system provides the essential control and monitoring system for the PAGA High Integrity Public Address & Alarm System commonly used on Oil & Gas Platforms, Power Stations & Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants & Industrial Complexes Worldwide where the safety of all personnel is of immense importance.
The PA/GA system can be divided into one or more zones which can be accessed independently for announcement or alarm broadcasts.
Broadcasts are transmitted through loudspeakers installed throughout the facility. The system permits calls between it and any existing public address system. The system is modular in design and is easily expanded to include remote amplifiers and/or combinations of amplifiers. The area of coverage will be such that calls will be clearly audible in the paged operating areas and their surrounding areas.
Loudspeakers and/or beacon circuits support paging zones where one or more loudspeaker circuits can be grouped into a zone. Each loudspeaker or beacon circuit is connected to the central equipment for amplification and control/monitor functions.
The system can interface to other systems such as telephone, radio, or other paging/intercom systems. Touch screen desktop or rack access panels allow voice announcements and alarm control operations. Announcements can be configured to broadcast in designated zones, or a zone selection feature enables users to direct announcements to selected zones.
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