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Advanced Energy Solutions
SFERIACOM is a company created to propose, formalize and make more effective the work done for a long time by a group of professionals and managers and sector companies operating now for several decades in the world of construction and engineering of telecommunications systems and in general of auxiliary advanced technologies.
Technological environment organized and structured warrants the establishment of a center of high-level skills in the service of each customer, in order to achieve better performance and high-quality global.
SFERIACOM achieved in all these years operational applications in different domains of expertise in harsh environments and in extreme environmental conditions sometimes with very strict specifications.
From some years SFERIACOM decided, on the basis of the experiences and achievements both nationally and internationally, to bring these capabilities to serve specific market segments creating organizational forms of these specific lines of business in the form of division or business unit with its structures and its operational management responsibilities.
SFERIANRG is the business unit for energy systems, from both conventional or renewable sources. Under this BU we design and provide for Conventional, Photovoltaic, wind generation, cogeneration, fuel cell or hybrid systems.
Responsibility and management of all the assets are held within the group SFERIACOMand are followed by a technical staff and management that has many years of experience in the management of complex technological systems.
A network of advanced communication and a permanent contact, not only with the reference group company, but with the major operators and companies in various sectors, and with all the companies along with professionals in each case, are involved in projects, allow to ensure peak performance of each job profile.
From pre-proposals and by theoretical studies to actual achievements in the field, our systems and our equipment installing, activating and our services are conducted in accordance with the development plans of our products. in close contact with their customers and in line with their needs.
From the definition of a concept to its realization and management of its evolution, the task of the group SFERIACOMmeans inclusive of all the necessary steps to implementation. All skills are well integrated after the project to the final.
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